The Shift It! and Shift It! Plus healing sessions are two of my favorite services I provide for my clients. I’m here to help you find, claim, and live your personal power, and Shift It! is the program that can help you do so! If you have questions or are ready to book your session, contact me today!

Ready for Change? Shift It!

Shift It!Shift It! is a program designed for people who are ready for change, a transformation, and a “shift” in life. Whether you’ve been feeling stuck in a negative rut or relationship, have lost your passion and joy for life, are seeking purpose or more fulfillment, Shift It! will help you claim your power and energy.

The first step in the process is a consultation between you and I (done in person, on the phone, or even on Skype) where we review the parts of your life that are not working or not helpful. We then identify what it is you want in your life. For example, what are your dreams? Your desires? What do you want to create?

After this consultation process, I go into my studio and create just for you a custom soundtrack using drums, melodies, different beats, and more. This personalized soundtrack is specially designed to bring forth in your life all the things you desire by feeding the positive energies and eradicating the negative energies and patterns that have been holding you back. Like I always say: Change the rhythm, change your life! By listening to your Shift It! soundtrack at least twice a day—once in the morning and once before bed—or even all day if you wish, you’ll begin noticing positive changes in your life.

Take the World by Storm: Shift It! Plus

I designed this program for people who were ready for more change after their initial Shift It! Shift It! Plus promotes radical transformation and will allow you to bring your genius into the world using a five step process: consultation, divination, custom sound healing, coaching, and a second divination.

Shift It by Toby ChristensenWith Shift It! Plus, you and I will discuss the areas of your life you want changed and name the things you want to create for yourself in life. We also do a divination, an ancient West African cowrie shell reading, to further explore your energy patterns and perhaps uncover ares of change you are seeking but are unaware of.

After this, I create for you your personalized healing energy soundtrack that you’ll listen to regularly, at least twice a day. Over the following weeks, I will provide personal coaching sessions where you and I will evaluate the progress of your radical transformation. Shortly after this, we’ll do another divination to see the shifts of energy in your life and recognize the new direction in which you are headed.

Reclaim Your Power!

Watch the following video where I personally explain these two great services. I encourage you to take the next step in your life and book your Shift It! or Shift It! Plus session. It’s time to become unstuck! Reclaim your power and your life!