It is a time to rid ourselves of the stories in our lives that we have held, sometimes unintentionally, that have created negative patterns that are holding us back from stepping in to our most profound destiny.

The mineral element is also about communication and learning new ways to communicate with our fellow humans, as well as our helpers in the “other world.” It is a time to take inventory of what is working in our lives, and what is not. It is time to evaluate the people, places, and things that we have allowed into our space, and to release the things that do not support our greatness and that are not in alignment with our core values. It’s a time to make room for new magic that takes us to the place we want to go.

Create a Mineral Shrine

Stone with White BackgroundThis is a ritual where you will build a mineral shrine. This is a shrine that communicates to the other world what we want to create. Every time we look at our shrine, we’re communicating to ourselves the things we are creating. As we spend time before the shrine, calling upon the ancestors, we bring into our lives the things we desire through the language of vision and intention.

Start with a white cloth as a base for the shrine. White is the color that correlates to the element of mineral. In the center of the shrine, place a large stone. Spend some time with this stone, speaking into it your heart’s desire, your dreams, your visions, and your intentions. As you hold it in your hands, ask for the ancient wisdom that this stone holds to be transmuted into you so that you will have the wisdom to take action in creating these things you desire.

Surround the stone with candles and objects that represent your dreams.  Spend five to ten minutes every morning and every evening in silence at this shrine, letting the nonverbal communication of what you have placed on it to seat itself deeply into your energy field. By doing so, the things necessary to create your dreams can take place in your life.

Reconnect With Your Intentions

If we knew how to communicate the things that we desire to create, we would have already created them! This shrine is about creating a new language and going beyond our understanding, allowing the ancient wisdom of the element of mineral, the ancient wisdom that we hold deep in our bones, to help us remember who we really are!

I look forward to hearing stories and comments about this ritual and the powerful manifestation of your new shrine! Email me at