The Power of Transformation: Ritual to Connect with Your True Nature

//The Power of Transformation: Ritual to Connect with Your True Nature

The Power of Transformation: Ritual to Connect with Your True Nature

This ritual is about connecting to the energy of nature. Nature in the West African cosmology is about the power of magic and transformation. In our culture, we are taught to wear masks to prevent others from seeing who we really are for fear that we may not be accepted. The closer we can get to authenticity and connection to our true nature, the closer we are to carrying our own personal power. To let the magic in, we need to have an open flowing container.

Time to Remove Your Mask

Ancient MaskThis ritual is done best when performed in nature, but I know some of you live in areas where things have not warmed up yet, and being outside is not necessarily a possibility. In that case, do it inside. You will need a fireplace or some access to flame where you will be able to incinerate a piece of paper.

The first step of this ritual is to sit quietly with a blank piece of paper. Ask the spirit of nature to uncover areas in your life that you are afraid to reveal. Write them down. Next, write down the aspects of yourself that you hide behind: aspects of yourself that are not necessarily authentic to your true heart but represent faces you wear in order to be “okay” in the eyes of those around you.

As you write down these points, imagine each of these things as a mask that is coming off. And as it comes off, the shining light of your true nature gets brighter and brighter.

Bask in Your Authentic Light

When you have completed the list of things that are preventing you from shining as brightly as you possibly can, put it into the flame. Watch the transformation of the paper and ink turn from solid form into flame. As the flame consumes these things, express gratitude for what they have provided for you.

When your list has been completely consumed, take a moment to reflect deeply within yourself, basking in the shining light of your authentic nature. You will leave the ritual space transformed, empowered, and in alignment with who you really are. It’s time to be that person in the world!

Please share your stories of transformation and empowerment with me:

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