This ritual, one that I’ve found to be quite powerful, correlates to the element of nature. Nature is about magic and transformation. It is about finding the authentic person that lives within: the one without masks, without pretense, the one who shines pure!

Self-Reflection Before Transformation

Masks of DIfferent ColorsThe first step in this authenticity ritual is to find a place in nature where you can sit and enjoy a moment of self-reflection. Remember to take with you a pad of paper and a pen—this ritual involves making notes of the insights that come to you. It’s a powerful step to take in your honest transformation.

I want you to think back on the last year of your life. How many times did you lie? How many times did you embellish the truth because you felt if you told the truth, people would not understand or believe it? This exercise can be quite difficult. Admitting our shortcomings or moments of untruths can be challenging.

Write down as many lies as you can remember. Look at them, feel them, feel the motivation behind them. Most of us do not lie for the sake of harm, rather lie for the sake of not hurting people’s feelings, or protecting someone related to whatever it is you are lying about. Perhaps up to 90% of the lies we tell have good intention behind them. It’s important not to beat yourself up about whatever lies you’ve told. You may even find that once you start recognizing your lies, the list gets longer and longer. This is okay! Let it out!

Moving Forward with Honesty

As you review your lies, think about why you told them. Acknowledge the reason behind them, whatever the reasons might be.

This is an important step: Take a moment, feeling deep into your heart, and forgive yourself for every lie you have told. If you do not forgive yourself, you will continue to carry that lie through your daily life. Let it go and make room to blossom!

Take the paper you listed your lies on and dispose of it appropriately: burn it, tear it up and throw it in a wastepaper basket. Walk away from the place that you performed this ritual without looking back.

Move forward in your life with honesty and authenticity!

How have you been able to move to a place of authenticity? I’d love to hear your stories!