The Healing Drummer Drumming

Toby Christensen is a recognized expert and innovator in the field of therapeutic drumming and music. “Change Your Rhythm and Change Your Life” is the foundation of his therapies, his teachings and his music.

Known as a “sonic architect,” Toby uses sound energy to create a force that disrupts unhealthy patterns and then combines elemental rhythms to restore, rebuild and realign the mind, body, and spirit. Regardless if you are working individually with Toby utilizing his unique therapeutic drumming techniques or listening to one of his customized Shift It!  soundtracks, one thing is for sure, your life will be positively changed after an experience with him.

Toby always brings his “A Game”! With his high level energy, unique music skills, and decades of study with indigenous people and therapeutic  experts around the world, he brings a revolutionary viewpoint to solving life issues on both the personal and business levels.Toby is a positive force for change!

Toby’s passion is to unlock the healing power and transformative energy of therapeutic drumming and music with individuals and groups he works with. To date, he has reached thousands of people through his keynote presentations, individual sessions,  workshops and interactive concerts. The results of his work are remarkable and has helped transform people’s lives on both the physical and psychological levels.

How it Works

The science of Quantum Physics says that everything in the universe is ultimately created of pure energy! All energy has a vibration or frequency which creates an electromagnetic field that functions as its life force. This electromagnetic field attracts energies that are in harmony with the vibration of the magnetic field.

If we utilize this principle of physics in our life, it makes sense that our psychology, consciousness and physiology are all involved in creating and supporting electromagnetic field we carry. The existence of this energy field has been the subject of much discussion for decades. Identifying its existence has actually been available since 1939 when Semyon Kirlian invented a way to photograph this field. This discovery did not only verify the existence of this energy field but opened the door of understanding the body in an entirely new way. Viewing the body as a unit of energy rather than a mechanical device.

A groundbreaking study published in the Medical Science Monitor shows that therapeutic music can reverse multiple components of the human  stress response on the genomic level. The study’s principal investigator, Barry Bittman, M.D. of the Mind-Body Wellness Center in Meadville, PA, says these unique findings not only shed new light on the value of active music participation, but also extend our understanding of individualized human biological stress responses on an unprecedented level. Dr. Bittman has also done extensive research on therapeutic drumming is a treatment for cancer. The results of this study are quite remarkable and the efficacy of this treatment is validated in many clinical studies.

Change Your Rhythm, Change Your Life

Each of us holds a specific electromagnetic field that draws energy to us that is in harmony with the energy we carry. This energy is what  creates the circumstances in your life — the situations you attract, the people you attract, the state of your health and wellbeing, your spiritual connections, and the general presence you have in the world.

When the energy you carry is in line with your intentions or desires, you feel happy, fulfilled, and are on track, When this is not the case, you experience illness, dissatisfaction, depression and low energy. You are not able to achieve the life you desire.

Using sound energy to disrupt and reconfigure the aspects of your energy field that are misaligned, shifts this energy into alignment so you are able to transform the unwanted conditions in your life. The result of which is more happiness, better health, more energy and the ability to create the life you desire!

Here’s What  Toby’s Clients Say

Wow, Toby, I believe you just saved my life – quite literally!!! 

The power of sound to facilitate healing at this level is something everyone needs to experience,  – a HUGE recommend

 The Sound Healing Intensive was Fantastic!  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring music into my treatment plan.  Toby’s work opened doors that I didn’t even know existed.  A very satisfying experience indeed!

 Offering The Ultimate Shift!

One of the most potent and powerful tools available is called Shift It!  Shift It! is a customized soundtrack that helps shift and reorganize your energy to help you eradicate habits and patterns that are not helpful, replacing them with Inspiration and proactive behavior through a process called “Bioenergetic Reconfiguration”. These rhythmic and melodic tracks will unlock the chains that are holding you back and move you into the place of power and freedom.

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