Change Your Rhythm and Change Your Life!

“The Silver Bullet” … a straightforward solution containing extreme effectiveness.

Quick resolution of issues that are holding you back – Dynamic SHIFT towards your desired outcome.

Shift It!Overview: With Shift It! we look at your long term and immediate needs We look closely at your desired outcome and what is preventing it from coming to fruition. We assess the patterns that reoccur to sabotage your success and the places where you most naturally succeed. Following this assessment, we create a custom soundtrack to remedy prevailing difficulties and problematic patterns that effect your personal life and business. This soundtrack will disrupt the unhelpful patterns and enhance patterns of success. It enhances open communication, creativity, productivity, reduction of stress and the necessary “shift” to support your desired results!

Objectives: To transform energy and actions that are not in alignment with your intentions and reconfigure them to eradicate negative patterns, situations and conditions. Get you functioning in a way that supports optimal health, well-being, happiness, and personal power.

Results: Accomplishment of your desired outcome. A better workplace and personal life, more energy, positive outlook on life, a sense of well-being, and improved self-esteem. You will also find that reoccurring disruptions are minimized and opportunities to create, motivate and produce flow more easily.

Shift It! sessions are one-on-one and can be done in person, via telephone, iChat, or Skype.

Cost: $500


All that to say, I feel like the dude in “Breaking Bad” reclaiming his power. I just get to do it with humanitarian ideas and products that don’t involve meth.  Thank you Toby!!!  –Washington, DC


Shift It! Plus

“The Ultimate SHIFT”

Are you frustrated trying to change without significant results?

Are you done with things that don’t work?

Shift It! Plus you will find the success, transformation, and shift you have been looking for!

Objectives: Shift It! Plus is an advanced and comprehensive combination of sonic technology, motivational and inspirational techniques and coaching to advance you to your next level of success.

Step 1: We start with the consultation to identify problematic areas, situations, and conditions in your life so that we can shine the light of awareness on them. Negative aspects of our lives are kind of like vampires that way: they cannot survive in the light. By shining the light of awareness on these conditions, we weaken their power.

Step 2: In step two we do an assessment of your current condition to look deep into your life situations and extract any aspects that need to be changed that may not be in your awareness at this time. The assessment  will also show us any additional measures that need to be taken to remove obstacles and pave a path to your greatness and desired results!

Step 3: I create a 30 minute “Shift It!” soundtrack for you to use to initiate and support the changes we determine are needed in your life. Listen to this custom soundtrack at least, every morning and every evening. This immersion into rhythm and melody will begin to shift the energy you carry, eradicating negative imprints and supporting the positive direction we have established through the consultation and assessment . The more you listen to it the faster it works! More is better!

Step 4: Approximately one week after beginning your “Shift It!” you will receive a coaching session to evaluate your progress and determine if any adjustments need to be made.

Step 5: Approximately one month after utilizing your “Shift It!” you will receive another follow-up coaching session and final assessment  to evaluate the condition of your energy, discuss the shifts that have occurred and the results that you have received so that we can take you to your next level!

Objectives: To eradicate all aspects of your life that are preventing you from living your greatness and the life you desire. To restore your ability to manifest the life you desire, propagating good health, well-being, happiness, joy, and prosperity of all kinds. Establishing a strong sense of self-esteem and value in your personal and professional life and the society/community you live in.

Results:  Increased personal power, happiness, prosperity, a firm grasp on knowing your life’s purpose and having the ability to manifest it. A life that balances the mind, body, and spirit so that you can bring your genius to the world in the most profound way! The results of this process will also eradicate negative patterns,past wounds, trauma, and imprints, giving you the ability to direct your life in a very purposeful way and receive your desired results!

ARE YOU READY? Book your Shift It! Plus and start your new life today!

Cost$1,250 (value of services individually: $1,750)


I really don’t have words for the experience of my first listen. It was like it was the music of my whole life–the one I’ve lived, and the one I’ve yet to live. I mean, yowza. And the gongs! And that one riff that just shows up, like a psychedelic howdy or an ayahuasca tip of the hat.

You’re a f—ing genius.

Thank you so very, very much.


Shift It! Samples

Shift It! to Joy & Hope: Feeling depressed? Shift it to joy and hope! Allow the sound of the drum to resonate through your mind and your body. As you listen to this, know that the vibration of the drum is shifting the vibration of the energy that you carry that is influencing depressed feelings and shifting those vibrations to the energy of joy and hope!

Click here to listen: 

1. #1 Shift It! to Joy & Hope 1     

Shift It! to Manifestation: Are you stuck? Do you feel like you have fallen into a hole and cannot get out? Shift it to movement and manifestation! As you listen to this track, with each breath you take, breathe in the rhythm of movement, creativity and manifestation. The more you listen to the track, the faster the shift occurs!

Click here to listen: 

2. #2 Shift It! To Manifestation     

Shift It! to Solid Ground: Do you feel ungrounded, lost? Shift it to solid ground! Sometimes in a world with so much stimulation it is hard to focus and stay on course with the desires and goals of our lives. As you listen to this track, visualize clearly the things she would like to create. Imagine your feet anchored to the ground on a clear, well-lit pathway where the destination is the fulfillment of your life!

Click here to listen: 

3. #3 Shift It! To Solid Ground     

Shift It! to a New Vision: Are you wandering aimlessly? Shift it to focus and new vision! Sometimes, no matter how clear we think we are, we never seem to be able to achieve the things we set out to do. This track will help you synchronize your thoughts, dreams, and desires with your actions. Helping you achieve focused manifestation, and new vision which will help you not only see things in your life from a different point of view, it will inspire you to take action in a way that you may have never considered!

Click here to listen: 

4. #4 Shift It! To New Vision!     

Shift It! Open Your Heart to Love: For those of you who are looking to refresh, renew, or build a loving relationship, this one’s for you! Allow the wounds of the past to fall away and feel the doors of your heart open to give and receive love!

Click here to listen: 

5. #5 Shift It! Open Your Heart To Love!     

Have Toby create for you a customized Shift It! healing sound track! Contact him at to get yours today!