This ritual is based on the element of water. Water is associated with bringing you into a place of healing, reconciliation, and flow. Today is the perfect time for you to get to the water and allow the healing energy of this element bring into right relationship the things that have worked their way out of sorts.

Let forgiveness flow to those who have wronged you, and forgive yourself for those you have wronged . . . including yourself.

The Flow of Life

Beautiful WaterfallTo experience the healing transformation using the water element, I want you to find a water source: go to a lake, river, or the ocean. When you’re at your water source, take a few minutes to channel its energy, asking assistance for coming into a place of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Make an offering to the water: this could be a flower, some milk mixed with honey, some grain, or whatever natural offering you can make. Spend some time getting clear about what it is you want to create in your life, then ask the water to feed these seeds of desire and intention that you have planted in your soul, so they grow into fulfillment and satisfaction!

Nature’s Guidance

By asking water for its powerful flow to remove the obstacles in your life and get you back into the flow of your intended path, you will find yourself with renewed inner peace. Instead of focusing on negativity or hurt, you’ll be free to embrace your true nature, your true ambitions, and the true path of your life!

As Kabir says: “. . . If you make love with the Divine in this life, in the next, you will have the face of satisfied desire.”

How has water helped you in your healing process? Share your experiences with me at