I enjoy sharing these rituals based on the wisdom of the 5 elements of healing. This particular ritual is derived from the healing powers of the element of Earth.

The Powerful Energy of the Earth

Earth represents the energy of nurturing, abundance, welcoming, and home. It is the energy of the great nurturing mother. I often hear of people who have held on to traumatic situations from their childhood involving their mother. This can make connection to this element very difficult.

Mother Nature and Orange LeafI encourage you to connect to this powerful energy by taking some time to sit on the ground. Find a place on the Earth, literally a piece of the ground. When choosing your place, pick a spot that makes you feel secure and that resonates in you a feeling of being “held.”

Spend at least 30 minutes sitting in this spot—even longer for a deeper connection. As you are connecting, feel the Earth below, holding you. This is the time to allow yourself to embrace the loving, nurturing arms of the true mother as she wraps her arms around you and honors who you are.

The Earth Mother Welcomes You

As memories come to your mind about your own mother, express gratitude for the things that you have learned through your situations.  Realize that the “True Loving Mother” is always here for you. She is never absent and gladly provides abundance, a sense of nurturing, and a place of home for you in every situation and in all circumstances. This Earth mother is free from judgment and welcomes you for who you really are.

As you let these realizations sink deep into your heart, remember to express gratitude for the memories and people in your life.

Tell me about your connections with the Earth! Share your healing stories with me at toby@healingdrummer.com