The theme of this ritual is healing and reconciliation. We see in the world around us the need for this energy! We need emotional, physical, spiritual, and cultural healing. We need to focus on our similarities and not spend time fighting about our differences. So let’s focus on the things in our lives that require healing.

Identify the Disruptions

Circles on WaterThink of the things in your life that make you upset. Think of the things that throw you off-center. Now look at why they do . . . Usually, the things that upset us are issues in our lives that are being reflected to us by the circumstances that create the disruptive emotions. If we can take responsibility for what we have created, bring healing to those things, and bring forgiveness to those things, we can eradicate the “not helpful” emotions and feelings, and come from a place of strength, power and clarity.

Write down anything that has upset you in the last 30 days. We are not focusing on the negative things, rather bringing them into the light of awareness. Next, take full responsibility for those things. Really own them as your own creation. Then, forgive yourself for these things. Literally go through the list one by one, own it, forgive yourself, and understand that these feelings of ill will, frustration, anger come from you being in a place of woundedness, fear, or unclarity.

Healing Power of Water

In Dr. Emoto’s work on water, we actually see the physiological structure of water changing as love and forgiveness are expressed. Your body is 70 to 80% water! As you begin to forgive yourself, love yourself, and allow the healing power of water to heal you, everything changes.

This exercise has made a tremendous difference in my life helping me to overcome perceived failures, bad decisions, and tremendous self-criticism. Let yourself be loved! If you have done something that needs to be made right, make it right. I have found that as I participate in this exercise, most of the things that are creating disruption in my life are simply a matter of forgiving myself and moving into a place of love and compassion.

I trust this ritual will be rich and healing for you!

Share your healing stories with me!