As the year comes closer to an end, we want to be clear of the obstacles and energies that have held us back for too long. This particular ritual focuses on the obstacle-removing power of water.

Facing Your Obstacles

To begin this ritual, find your way to moving water. This can be a river, stream, or the ocean. If you’re by the ocean, find a place where the waves are big, or where the water activity is very tumultuous. If you’re by a stream or river, rapids or a waterfall is where you want to be!

Walk through nature and find items that represent the obstacles that you are currently encountering. Find one natural item for each obstacle you face. As you focus on these obstacles, remember that the focus in not to connect to that energy, but to release it. Release the energy of the obstacle into the natural item that you find.

Approach the water at its most tumultuous state, and call upon the power of that body of water to utilize its energy to eradicate this obstacle. Watch the water consume the items, and remember to give your thanks.

Making Room for New Energies

Sunset Over OceanNext, find objects in nature that represent what it is that you would like your life to be like: a life of smooth flowing ease, abundance, happiness, or whatever it is that you desire to create holding your mind. With this energy, connect as completely as possible. Allow your emotions to feel the joy and happiness of a smooth flowing and abundant life.

Then find the smooth flowing and healing water. Offer these things to the smooth and still water, and ask that the body of water receive these items and put its full-flowing energy to these beautiful dreams into your life.

Embrace Life’s Changes

As the body of water takes these items, give thanks and feel yourself engaging fully and completely with the joy of the healing that is occurring. Then take as much time as you can to enjoy the water. Take the power of that healing water into yourself as you sit with the water as long as possible. You will immediately begin to feel differently and see the things in your life began to change!