I am so excited to feature in this month’s “shining your light” video feature Kirk VandenBerghe. Kirk is my webmaster and the creator of HealingDrummer.com, CowrieShellReadings.com, and TobyChristensen.com. Through his web design company, PositiveProjections.com, Kirk helps people bridge the gap between their skills and gifts and the use of technology to promote these skills and gifts.

Making Technology Work for You

Webmaster Kirk VandenBergheAs an alternative practitioner on a shoestring budget, one of the biggest difficulties for me has been to create an affordable and effective website. Four years ago I asked Kirk for his help, and through his guidance he has not only helped me develop a website that allows for effective communication with all of my clients and friends, an increase in web traffic, and consistent branding, but he has taught me enough to be able to handle most of the maintenance of my sites on my own. The knowledge of modifying text and photos on my own allows me to save a tremendous amount of money while keeping my website fresh and revitalized as I expand my work.

Another aspect of web presence that is of utmost importance to me is security. Since working with Kirk, I have not had any problems with people hacking or spamming any of my websites. It’s an important aspect for someone to consider when creating a website: how do I keep it safe? I am not a big “technical” sort of guy, so having Kirk handle security was very important to me.

Helping Others

Kirk wants to help others “shine their light” by creating for them an effective and easy-to-use platform. He understands that while someone may be really good at something, they might not have the technological knowledge to promote their skill effectively. This is how he shines his light: helping people use a website or blog to create an online presence.

Kirk is not only a creative genius, but he’s a great teacher. PositiveProjections.com offers client-friendly services that give the best return on investment. This includes some training on self-maintenance of your websites.

Enjoy the video! It’s a pleasure to work with someone like Kirk. I encourage anyone who wants to use technology as a way to promote themselves and their work to contact Kirk. He’s always ready to answer any questions!