It is my pleasure to introduce Rebecca Holt in this Healing Drummer’s “Shining your light in the world” video feature. Over the past few years that I’ve known Rebecca, it’s been wonderful to watch her develop her relationship with those in the spirit world who bring to her her gifts. These gifts have greatly grown and flourished.

Although her toning and the energy that she is connected to is very “otherworldly,” I know Rebecca to be a very grounded and intelligent woman. The gift that she brings is as a result of years of ordinary world training—that being: singing lessons, coaching, and success in the business world. Her talent is also a result of years of spiritual training, ritual, ceremony, and personal work.

Spiritual Guidance for Tribal Medicine Vocals

As you will hear in the video from Rebecca, I was doing a healing session with her one day when this amazing voice began to sing with my djembe. As I was drumming, the spiritual part of me connected deeply to the spiritual energy that was transpiring. At the same time, the human side of me thought, “Wow! This sounds really cool!” Afterwards, I asked Rebecca if she was interested in bringing this toning to my new CD, Tribal Medicine. She responded affirmatively, and within a week I had her in the studio in front of the microphone listening to the drum tracks that I had laid for the album. As Rebecca approached the microphone, she called in her spirit allies and asked for guidance. It was quite clear that the guidance was coming in strong! As she was delivered the healing rhythms of the drum, her eyes closed, the air in the room thickened, and her voice brought magic to the drum.

Calling on Helpers to Bring Gift to the World

Many of us feel that we have to go through years of training in a specific modality in order to bring our gift to the world. In order to bring healing to the world, we assume we must have a certificate, or as my dear friend Malidoma says: “…everyone in this culture thinks you have to have a piece of paper, and that in some way that piece of paper makes you different from those without the piece of paper.”

This is not to say that certification is not a good thing. There are a lot of people who are freewheeling with no training whatsoever who are not necessarily doing good. In Rebecca’s case, this is a true spiritual gift. When you are in the presence of these voices, there is magic in the world, there is peace and healing that takes place, and there is a presence of spirit that is profound.

As the day went on in the recording studio, there was a profound healing energy in the air which inspired the song “Sacred Chant.” At the end of the day, I grabbed the djembe and started laying down a rhythm. Rebecca called her helpers in and began to spontaneously allow the voice of spirit to flow through her. It was truly an amazing day.

I hope you enjoy this interview. Feel free to contact Rebecca for more information about her work.