As you know, I support whole-heartedly people who bring hope, inspiration, and beauty to the world with their unique and special gifts. This is why it is such a pleasure to present Kimberly Kingsley, author, workshop facilitator, and speaker for this month’s “shining your light” video feature.

A Process to Align Your Life

Kimberly KingsleyI received an e-mail a few months ago about Kingsley’s book titled Portals of Peace: A Path to Inner Peace and a Healed World ( and was immediately intrigued by what she had to say. I was fortunate to be able to speak with Kingsley, and following our discussion I became even more interested in her words. Since that time I’ve read the book several times.

In Portals of Peace Kingsley discusses a process called “essentialization.” This is a five-step process that brings you into greater alignment with your essence. The objective with this process is to create what she calls “portals of peace.” In other words, as we initiate this process in our life and move into alignment with our essence, we become portals peace. I really like this perspective, don’t you?

Hope for Healing the World

Here’s some readers’ opinions of this fantastic book:

. . . the desire for world peace is a deeply held value shared by all humanity. Sometimes the cry for peace gets louder and sometimes it fades to a hum, but it still stands as an important issue. In today’s world, a diverse group of people are working towards world peace. In Portals of Peace, author Kimberly Kingsley presents a radical approach to healing the world–one person at a time. In order to facilitate peace in the world, we must first have it within ourselves!

This step-by-step guide to inner and outer peace introduces the concept of essentialization, which is the process of embodying one’s essence while becoming a bright light in the world. The five stages of this process help us shed our layers covering our absence, leading to a completely unique and powerful presence.

Portals of Peace demonstrates that the pursuit of inner peace is no longer a lofty ideal, but a way to bring about real change in the world. As we open from the inside and allow our light to fully shine, a new era of peace will blanket the world!

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed it! It was truly a pleasure meeting Kingsley and reading Portals of Peace. I encourage all of you to become portals of peace!