A Music Legacy Toby Drumming on Kauai

For over 40 years the Christensen home has welcomed musicians. From wild garage bands with the likes of Guy Johnson, & Terry Kingen when we were in Junior High School and High School, to more organized bands like Night Shadows, a 6 piece band that played the Seattle club scene in the late 70’s. I was the drummer in these bands and loved playing music from a very young age. My mom and dad were always there supporting me and my friends, attending almost every gig I played. Jam Sessions

Extraordinary People Doing Ordinary Things

On May 15, 2015 2 great friends came over to my parents house for a fun time of playing music together. Rich Wyman and Terry Kingen. Rich flew in from Park City Utah where we met and became good friends.

It was the last session my father attended. He passed away 10 days later.

Rich Wyman and Terry Kingen are not only amazing musicians but they are extraordinary men. They make remarkable music and bring joy to thousands of people every year. You can see them on stages all over the country and in Rich’s case around the world, and here they are in my parents basement bringing joy to my family on this very small stage. Still giving it their all!

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 3.49.45 PMSpontaneous Video

I put down my drum and grabbed my camera and shot this rough video. I think you will feel the joy and playfulness of it. I wish I would have filmed more. This video does not give Terry the visibility he deserves. He is one of the greatest guitar players I have ever heard. We have been friends since childhood and it has been awesome having him as my “brother from another mother”.

The Piano Man

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 3.53.17 PMAt dinner my mom asked Rich…”Do you know how to play that song by Billy Joel, Piano Man?” Rich responded, “I would be happy to play it for you.” She smiled from ear to ear through the whole song! She did not realize she had a world class piano man in her midst.

In addition, At Terry’s prompting, We played 3 songs that I wrote.

My dad for the first time heard my new music live. Thanks guys for supporting me in such a great way!


Well thats enough blah blah from me, here is the video. Enjoy!