Toby Christensen  DrummingMore on Intentional  Drumming

In this post, we will talk more about “intentional drumming”. The energy that we are going to connect to is the energy that directs our life via the stories we tell. There’s many kinds of storytelling, stories from the past, cultural stories, personal stories, stories that carry a lot of power, and stories that don’t.  There are stories of the future. These are mostly personal stories and they have a profound ability to shape our lives. How many times have you said, or heard someone say, I am going to do… In this video I want to show you how using the drum and rhythms can help you to clear and eliminate the stories of power that no longer serve you, and bring you to a place of great expansion by welcoming you stories of greatness! It is not so much dwelling on the past, or projecting into the future, but being in the place of strong, focused intention!

The  Power of the Drum up

One thing we know is that everything is energy. Sound energy happens to be a very powerful mechanism that affects our life. If we look at every aspect of our lives as a reflection of the energy we carry we see that aspects of that energy are in alignment with our intentions, and aspects of that energy are not. If we use sound energy from the drum to disrupt the aspects of our energy that are not in alignment with our intentions, then use it to reorganize that energy so that it gives in alignment, we can see and dramatic transformation in our lives.

Using the Video

As you watch the video connect to the rhythm that is being played.  Play the rhythm for a time as a tool to release the stories that no longer serve you.  This may take 5 min., 30 min., an hour, it all depends on how much you release at any given time. Remember that you can also do this in layers. Drum  until you feel that you have released all there is to release in that moment knowing that you can come back and  release more. Then, once you feel that you have released as much as you’re going to release at any given time, play the rhythm as a filling mechanism. By this I mean, use the sound energy of the drum to activate, or release stories of greatness that reside deep within your bones. As the stories release that no longer serve you they make room for these stories of greatness to take root and grow in a powerful way.

Full Surrender

One of the most important things in releasing your story, is the realization that when you give your story away, it is no longer yours to tell. It is very interesting to watch people who come to the point of realization of how much they are identified with certain stories. Sometimes they find it very hard to get them up! When we surrender stories that no longer serve us, and embrace our stories of greatness we find that our lives change radically, quickly, and for the better.

Work It Till It’s Done

Use this video over, and over, and over until you find a place of freedom, and power. As your stories change, your life changes. So feel free to refer back to this process as many times as you need to until you achieve your  desired results. And  please comment on this video and let us know the results that you achieve!