Toby DrummingIntention and Sound Energy

Hi, this is healingdrummer Toby Christensen. Intentional drumming part three is about Magic and Transformation. The power of this rhythm helps to transform aspects of our lives outside of laborious process and traumatization.  The idea is that we let the sound energy of the drum shift the patterns of energy that are no longer helpful for us, and then allow our intention to work with the power and rhythm of the drum to transform and re-align our life situation.

Stepping Outside of Linear Process

The beautiful thing about connecting to the energy of magic and transformation is that the step outside of linear time and process, and into the world of magic which has its own rules and is not held by the rules of traditional physics. By doing this our lives are able to change more quickly! You no longer have to start with step one and then go to two, then three, so on and so forth. We can determine our final destination and go straight there. How nice is that! The beautiful thing about the power of the drum is that it makes this energy shift quickly, painlessly, effortlessly, and delightfully!

Transformation VS Process

In the ordinary world of science in psychology, we deal a lot with process. In the world of energy we are more prone to deal with transformation. In the shamanic world which deals with spirits and energy transformation is  standard fare. As we have seen in many science fiction movies such as Star Trek, Star Wars, and many other science fiction movies we are able to travel at the speed of light, transcendent universes, and go beyond any ordinary concept of physical movement. In this same way solving problems were shifting situations in our lives often could use a little “Star Wars”. If we can focus on the desired result, and let go but how we get there often times wonderful miracles will occur for us to arrive at our destination far earlier, and with far less effort.

More Play Time

In this posting you will notice that I play a lot longer than any others. The intention is to allow you to connect to the rhythm as she watched the video and not get so caught up in my words. It is a video you may want to listen to over and over and over again and allowed the rhythm of the drum to transports you to a place of healing. You can also connect to these rhythms with the CDs that can be found on this website in the shopping section. Enjoy the video.

Four Doors Open

On my CD “Four Doors Open” on the third track entitled “Peace” you will hear the rhythm of magic and transformation. This 15 min. segment will help stimulate your immune system, lower your blood pressure, and induce significant relaxation. I recommend this CD for anyone interested in using the power of the drum as a healing modality. This rhythm of magic and transformation is one of many with very high efficacy and profound transforming power.