Sound Healing: Jonathan Goldman Style

In my travels, I run across people who have studied other forms of sound healing. One of my recent experiences have been with some people who have learned vocal toning with a gentleman by the name of Jonathan Goldman. Mr. Goldman, is a pioneer in vocal sound healing and has done some marvelous work. I have not engaged my voice in healing simply because it is probably more destructive than helpful. Those of you who have heard my voice would probably agree with me! However Jonathan is quite a different situation. Is strong powerful voice and the spirit works with create powerful tones that transform energy much like the HealingDrum. In this video he does a chance that is very powerful. Here are some comments from people who have experienced his work.


I was lying in bed the other night trying to focus on seeing through my body and beyond and i felt a strange feeling like i was light and almost drunk..then i heard a loud static sound followed by someone whispering my name and i woke up. is this common? freaked me out a i feel a bit anxious to try again.

everything is eneregy and energy is vibration.a vibration of a sound affects your energy

Allow your genius to rise

The Dagara and say that each and every one of us is born a genius! It is the job of the village to acknowledge and support the genius that resides in each one of us. Part of this series called  “Toby Christensen and his colleagues” is about acknowledging the genius of others in the community that are doing good things in the world. Check back and see if your favorites show up on this blog. And if you have a particular sound healer that you have had a good experience with, I would love to hear about it so I can feature them as well. As I say on my latest CD “world unity, is world community” let’s build community that brings healing.