Great Idea No Clueimages-8

John had a great idea. He was going to make a fortune with a drive thru espresso bar. Everyone he knows loves coffee and he has been making specialty drink s for his friends for years. The cost of goods is very low the retail price is high so if he sold 100 drinks per day he would make a great living! He had the perfect location… a friend of his owned a sporting goods store and he could set up a kiosk in the parking lot.

Gather Information Before Execution

John called me and told me of his plan. He knew that I have been a buyer for Nordstrom, VP of sales for a large shoe company and had several coffee bars and a cafe. I knew the marketing world well and was familiar with start ups. I asked him several simple questions. Who is your target customer? What is the traffic count at your intended location? What is your product cost? Labor cost, start up cost for equipment and supplies? Will the health department allow a kiosk in that location? He had considered very few of these very important issues. We had a M.O.V.E. day and John is now a happy and successful coffee merchant who signs up for M.O.V.E. days regularly to stay at the top of his game!

A Day Of Changing The Game

MOVE stands for Motivate, Organize, Visualize, and Execute. It is a one day intensive where we amp up your life and your business by delving deeply into each of these topics so you can move forward with greater confidence, clarity and vision. You will also come away with a game plan for how to execute your vision. That will make for an exciting day, yes!

images-1Here Is How It Works

When you sign up for your M.O.V.E. day you will receive an email with some forms that you will fill out and send back to me no later than 5 days before your session. This information will tell me about you and your desired outcome ahead of time so we can jump right into creating your solution.

On M.O.V.E. day we start at 9am eastern time with a telephone conversation identifying where you are in life and business, where you want to go, and a timeline. Our first hour or so will be about motivation. We will identify ways of keeping you engaged and how to regain traction when distraction interrupts the course of your day. We will work with identifying your core values and any “value conflicts” that exist keeping you from your desired success.

We will continue with a discussion on organization. What are you doing and want needs to get done for you to achieve your desired outcome. How does your mind work with organization and are you able to follow a set plan once it is created or are you the type that slides by the “seat of your pants”. Once we determine how you work, I will send you a series of worksheets for you to work on for the next two hours.

Day Is Half Over And You Are On Your Wayimages-2

We reconvene when your worksheets are completed and jump into vision and execution. This is where we clarify what you actually want to create and how you are going to do it. Sometimes we have an idea that seems really cool in our heads, once we start to put it into play we realize we have made a ton of assumptions like John did,  about the market, our customers and many other things. Clarifying the vision ahead of time and having a sounding board helps us avoid these pitfalls before they happen.

Lastly we work on the plan. The MAP. This is the Massive Action Plan. This is a step by step sequence that when followed will allow you to roll out your new products and services with precision. After our conversation I will email you some additional worksheets and you will have another 2 hour period to yourself to work.

images-3You Are Ready Move

Our last 2 hours are a Q and A time where we review your worksheets, fine tune them and clarify your MAP.  We go over each category so you are crystal clear about who you are, who your customer is, where you want to go and what the steps need to be taken to get you there.

The rest is up to you. As you implement this plan and review this information you will find deeper clarity. It is a one day event that you will engage in over and over.  You can use the worksheets to keep yourself on track.


For information about M.O.V.E click HERE to contact me. I look forward to working with you.