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In my book “Africa to America” I go into depth about the 5 Element system from West Africa. Here is some info about the element of Mineral.
The element of Mineral is about communication. It is the element that is connected to our stories, our vocation, how we bring our gift to the world and our connection to our lives purpose.
We all carry this energy but people who’s birth year end in the numbers 4 or 9 have a particularly strong connection tho this energy.
Traits of those who carry strong Mineral:
  • good story tellers
  • good communicators
  • detail oriented
  • learn and create systems easily
  • very organized
Mineral element people are goods at reframing stories to help people grow and learn the lesson at hand.
Here is a video for you, it is the third in a series of five that may help you understand this concept more clearly.