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Working one-on-one with Toby has helped to clear a pathway to the next level in my shamanic practice and creative endeavors. As with any *good* teacher, the effects of working with Toby are exponential: results that yield results of their own, and so on, so forth. And as it is with *great* teachers, he provides what students need in order to see them grow, above all else, and with Toby an added bonus: it’s fun! His humor and kind nature balance out the life situations that may, at times for some of us, feel stressful, even overwhelming. Yet I find that when I can give Toby my ears and a willingness to work and make changes, it feels as though positive solutions are not only possible, but inevitable.

~~ Ravi Venkataramani, Captain (Retired), US Army

One On One- Clarity, Strategy and Execution

Have you ever taken 3 days and focused just on YOU?

Imagine the feeling of stepping into the bigness of who you dream you could be, who you know you really are

Imagine the exhilaration of finally having a clear vision of how to create the fulfillment of your dreams

What if you could spend 3 days one on one with someone who could help you birth your dreams and formulate an effective plan and strategy to bring the BIG YOU to the world?  Would you do it?

What if you could return from this experience with all the tools and roadmaps you need to get where you have always wanted to go? And, what if… in addition to knowing what to do, you were CRYSTAL CLEAR on the why and the how of doing it?

Danny and TobyThis is Not For Everyone

This opportunity is not for everyone, and it is not cheap. ($2595)  One on One is an emersion experience for you if you are ready to Jump, ready to Soar and ready to Create Your Dreams.

My mission is to help you realize your dreams, stop the rat race and live a life you LOVE!

Are you a stressed out professional, healthcare provider, shamanic practitioner maybe a hard working entrepreneur wanting to finally quit your day job and go “all in” on your dreams? If so, this can be the time that changes everything.

Are You Ready!imgres-2

One on One is a highly customized 3 day intensive to help  you:

  • Get crystal clear on your desired outcome
  • Identify your strengths
  • Identify your weaknesses/obstacles and how to overcome them
  • Create a strategic plan for you to get where you want to go

CLICK HERE to contact me. Lets see if we are a match. If so, I look forward to working with you.

“People don’t fail because they are stupid, they fail because they don’t know what to do.” ~~Anthony Robbins