Cutting-edge TechnologyToby Christensen's Healing Drummer Private Sessions

Therapeutic drumming music is a cutting-edge technology that is being utilized to treat A wide range of issues and conditions. From ADHD to cancer therapeutic sound treatments are found to be enormously effective. We are all very familiar with ultrasound treatments. They have been in the western medical community for decades. Through the same Basic principles, that is, sound having an impact on the body that creates a desired result, non-ultra sound is also found to be helpful in reducing stress, relieving anxiety, enhancing the healing ability of the body, it is even been shown in clinical studies to enhance the bodies ability to fight against cancer! For more information on this look up the studies done by Dr. Barry Bittman.

How Does It Work

Sound therapyIs based on the study of physics. Physicists in the last two decades have discovered that all of the universe is pure energy. I remember having a conversation with Dr. Fred Alan Wolf who said” all of the things that we knew to be true 20 years ago have proven to be totally and completely not true!.” He then went on to explain that the subatomic particles that are being observed by scientists are amazingly small. His description was, if you expanded the size of an Adam to the size of planet Earth, the particles that we are looking at, at that magnification would be the size of a basketball! He followed it with the statement “… and we still haven’t found anything solid.”

When we realize that everything is pure energy then it stands to reason that the conditions of our lives, be it physical health, psychological difficulties or spiritual malady are simply a configuration of energy. If we think of the”Problems” of our lives as locked energy, energy that is in gridlock, what sound therapy is, is the key that unlocks the stuck energy. So regardless of where the blockage is, The application of sound can be helpful! It is also not limited by scope or subject matter.

Live OrShift It! Memorex

I’m dating myself here,In the days of Cassette tapes there was a TV commercial where there was a high-pitched voice and then the shattering of a glass. The question was posed to the TV audience,” Is it live or is it Memorex?” The question was related to be realistic duplication of this particular Recording tape. Now in the digital age of CDs it remains the question as well. Can sound therapy effectively being administered through a recording device? This is a very good question. One that I have pursued extensively over the last 10 years since I introduced my first therapeutic drumming CD called Four Doors Open. I conclusion over the last 10 years is that Live application of sound therapy is the most effective in terms of a single session. However, I have found that in the long-term, when the person has a recorded version of sound therapy, when applied numerous times the benefits are equal to live application.

Peak Performance Shift It!

One of the tools that I have developed is called Shift it! This therapeutic tool was developed as a result of my need to be many places at once as my clientele grew in number and distance. It was impossible for me to treat all of the people who desired my work in person so I developed a soundtrack that has melody, harmony, layers and layers of rhythm that is a very powerful device in the field of sound therapy. To the untrained ear, it would appear you were just listening to some really cool World Music. But actually, the soundtracks are powerful carefully designed tool of psychoacoustic technology that transforms energy, enhances success and removes obstacles!

Taking this technology to new level, I have recently developed a Peak Performance Shift It! This particular soundtrack is 60 minutes long and in addition to the psychoacoustic technology has thousands of affirmations and seed thoughts embedded into the soundtrack. This helps to resolve any value conflicts that may exist with the subconscious mind. While your conscious mind is shifting towards her desired outcome or subconscious mind is being program to support her conscious intentions. Really amazing technology!

Happy Clients5 Element Drumming

Here are a few comments from participants in this work:

“Thank you so much for the session yesterday. It was wonderful! I feel healthier, clearer, calmer and happier than ever. Another interesting and fabulous effect I’ve noticed since last evening is that I no longer enjoy smoking cigarettes. Pam – Leesburg, VA

“I am amazed and humbled by the awesome strength and power that is unfurling here…like a magnificent cloth billowing fully in a slow motion wind. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Toby! You have gifted me in an unforgettable way. I am indebted to you in a deep and sincere way.” — Cindy in Tacoma Park, Maryland

“In my session with you the other day, I asked for emotional clarity as well as self-empowerment. It seems I was given what I asked for…I continue to be in awe of the amazing experiences that unfold. Even though I hold a very strong vision and knowing about you and the gifts you bring to the world, I am deeply moved by each occurrence. Your magic and the trail you leave move me beyond words. I’m so grateful for you and all you bring to my life.” — Barbara in Wyoming, Ohio