Everything Has a Seasondagarawhl

In 1962 the Byrds recorded a song titled “Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season)”. The lyrics came from a Bible verse from chapter 3 book of Ecclesiastes. This ancient wisdom, through music, became an anthem to the 20th century.

This wisdom is as true today as it was in the 60s, and as true as it was in Old Testament times as well. There is a season for everything. We live in an environment that has seasons based on weather patterns, planetary configurations and environmental conditions. There are also energetic seasons.

 West African System Of Seasons

The Dagara tribe of West Africa lives according to a 5 Element system that emphasizes the energy present during a particular “season”. These seasons are years associated with the elements of their cosmology.  Adapting this ancient system to the western understanding was accomplished by Dr. Malidoma Some’ a western teacher and tribal elder. These seasons correlate to the last digit of each calendar year creating a five season, five year cycle.

Elements of The Season

The elements, and seasonal energies are as follows: Earth, Water, Fire, Nature and Mineral. Earth influences the years that end with the numbers 0 & 5 the influence of Earth is nurturing, abundance, welcoming and home. An earth year is the time to expand, nurture and create a place of welcoming for yourself and others. It is the time to expand the tribe. It is a time of prosperity!

Water is connected to years that end in 1 & 6. Water is the season of healing and reconciliation. It is the time of relinquishing grief and making peace. It is a season that rights the wrongs and restores balance.

Fire influences the years that end in 2 & 7. The element of Fire enhances inspiration, passion, clear vision and a time of dreaming. It is also an element that enhances spiritual awareness. Great innovation and solution-oriented inspiration occur during years associated with Fire! Fire helps us to get a vision for what is to come.

Nature years end with the digits 3 & 8. These are years of magic and transformation. Tremendous creative energy is active during a nature year. These years are often pivotal years where during the year we feel like our lives are falling apart, only to find out they were actually falling together! The false aspects of ourselves are revealed and the masks we ware are removed. It is in this vulnerable time that our True Nature shines!

Mineral is the season that inspires us to create a new story. Years that end in 4 & 9 are associated with this element. Communication and new direction are traits of this season. This element is also associated with systems and organization. Often, the chaos of the preceding Nature year is calmed and organized during the Mineral year that follows and our desires and intensions take form.

5-elements_5-3-2010From Nature To Mineral

2013 is year associated with Nature. Many of my friends and clients have experienced catastrophic transformation this year. It is as though the proverbial rug has been pulled out from under them! Shattered hopes and dreams followed by new direction, followed by inability to see your way and then magically realizing the difficulties opened a new door leading to a better place than you imagined could be possible! Welcome to Nature. Magic and transformation!

As this year comes to an end we enter the season of Mineral. Communication, structure, organization and the formation of our dreams is the time of this season. The magic of the preceding Nature year is the catalyst for the creation in the year of Mineral. 2014 is the time to release your hold on the stories that no longer serve you and create a new one.

You see the Dagara see minerals, the stones and crystals as the bones of the earth. These are the holders of the stories of all time. Like hard drives storing data. They also see the bones of our bodies as the mineral energy, and say that we carry and the greatness of our ancestors resides in our bones! As we release a story that no longer serves us we make room for something new.  Releasing the old story we make room for a story of greatness that comes from our bones!! This is the time we are entering now!


January, February, March

Within the calendar year there are seasons as well. Each month has a corresponding element. January is month number 1, which correlates to the element of Water. We start the year by healing the past, relinquishing grief and righting the wrongs of the past rear. We restore balance to our lives.

February is associated with Fire. During this month we get the vision, inspiration and passion to make the coming year the best it can be. We renew our dreams and create a clear vision for the coming year.

March is connected to Nature. Here we get a shot of magic in our lives and let our true nature shine! The things in our lives that require transformation are brought to our awareness and our transformation continues.

Enjoy the coming year and make it your best! Let go of what no longer serves you and embrace your greatness. For more information about the Dagara cosmology and the elemental cycles contact Toby Christensen at toby@TobyChristensen.com and check out www.healingdrummer.com