Elusive Success

Since you’re reading this blog post you’re probably like me, A success oriented person who wants to prove your life and might be at a crossroads or even a little stuck place in your life or business.I get it, you can field a manifestation of your dream right around the corner but you just can’t seem to get there! I can really relate. For years, I read all the books, listened to the audio programs, did the affirmations, unleashed the giant within, etc. etc. Then it hit me…

Einstein Had The Answer

My issue was not that I needed to do more, work harder, or learn more, I need an energy shift. I noticed that some people that I knew just seemed to always be the right place at the right time. They seem to naturally fall in to positive favor with every deal make. One of my favorite Einstein quotes is” A problem cannot be solved with the same energy that it was created with”. I realized, that the reason I could never move forward with that I was coming from the same place that led me down the road to frustration. I’ve been driving in circles for years!

Shift It!Shift It!

This is when I created “Shift It!”I have been a musicianMost of my life, and have seen the power of music and sound. Whether it’s nightclub jammed with dancing people, a church filled with people singing in unison, or A drum circle on the beach, I have watched people transform for the better, and break lifelong patterns through the power of music I knew very quickly that Shift It! was something amazing!

The Magic Key

Shift It! is the key that unlocks the energy that is keeping you from your desired destination. You see I have discovered over thousands of sound therapy sessions that obstacle can be removed, every pattern can be changed, addictions relieved and illnesses cured. All of your obstacles are patterns of locked energy. The answer… find the key that will unlock it! The way Shift It! works is by identifying the energy that is locked, then identifying your desired result I create a soundtrack of music that is custom designed just for you! This soundtrack is your key to unlock the blockage then enhance the energy that catapults you towards your desired outcome.

With the use of Psycho-Acoustic technology you can you can harness the power of technology and move more quickly towards your goals and reduce the time, headaches and struggle to achieve the success you deserve! All you have to do is listen!

Common Mistakes

Have you ever made some of these common mistakes…

Spent $500 on a DVD set only to find the only person that got results was the person that sold it to you? Or spent a week at a seminar only to find that after a week back home nothing changed? $2K down the drain!!


Effective High Value Solution5 Element Drumming

Click the link below so I can send you a mini Shift It! soundtrack called “Caffeine Free Energy”. Listen to it at least twice per day and you will feel energized, uplifted, motivated and ready for your own custom Shift It!

Test this one for free and feel the power of this soundtrack unlock your energy and lift you to a much better place.  It is my desire that you find the three most important things that makes life worth living: Hope, Freedom and Fulfillment.

Hope in yourself and for the future, this is your motivating force

Freedom from the past. Freedom from old negative patterns from the past so you have the FREEDOM to become the success you know you are!

Fulfillment of your dreams and desires so you can actualize all you are meant to be.

1. Caffeine-Free-Energy     

Click this link and lets get started!