Master Diago and Toby Drumming Arriving in a New City

I was recently in Miami. It was one of the most enjoyable trips I’ve taken to a new territory in a very long time. The hospitality of my hosts, the quality of the people I met, were beyond compare. One of the most interesting people I met on this trip was Grand Master Diego Perez.

Greeted By a Champion

In addition to being a world champion and 8degree black belt this guy can rock the congas!!! When I met Diego he was quietly sitting on a bench on the porch of a home where I was about to facilitate a drum circle. His quiet and kind demeanor did not lead me to believe this was the Grand Master I had heard about.

Let The Jam Begin

As we set up for the drum circle I was getting my drum ready and I began to hear a rhythmic pop of someone who knows how to play the congas. I looked over to see Diego smiling brightly as he popped out sweet rhythm! I could not let this one go so I sat down, ended my conversation immediately and begin a new one without words, conga to djembe, and djembe to conga. Everyone else in the room disappeared from my site the only thing I could see was Latin hands and a big smile. I’m not sure how long we played but it was really fun. After we stopped our first jam we got the group rolling and it was due to having another accomplished drummer that really made the night special. After that night I did several events labyrinth walk, a drum circle, a workshop, and private sessions. In addition to coming to almost every event, Diego loaned our group several of his drums for the events that I did. Thank you Grand Master Diego Perez for your kindness and contribution to the work! to learn more about Diego and his amazing work in his community go to Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do.

Miami drum circle

Thanks to my Great Hosts

Then there is Claudia, and Vanessa. These two wonderful women allowed me to do my healing sessions at their homes. They trusted me with their friends and treated me very well! In addition to that, I got to know their husbands and children, also equally delightful and felt welcomed like a member of their own families. I had been on the road for over 2 1/2 months by this time I was getting very tired, so to be welcomed so nicely and treated so well really helped to rejuvenate my energy. Thank you Claudia and Vanessa!!

Another Drumming Success Story

Claudia happens to be one of my premieres success stories when it comes to drumming. When I first met her she was convinced that were there was no possible way she could play any rhythm. After letting that story go she worked diligently on the five elements rhythms and has become capable of leading a drum circle! Vanessa is the dancer of the group. In the above picture, as Diego and I are drumming ourselves into oblivion, Vanessa rallies the girls and as they say in Africa, the drum inspires the dance, and then the dance inspires the drum! Boy did we have fun. Thank you so much Vanessa!

Watch for More About Miami

I have a bunch of other stories that I will be posting from time to time but I will end this post simply by saying thank you so much to everyone. And I’m very much looking forward to going back to Miami. I will post a couple of pictures here just to get you primed for the next story about the drum circle and the labyrinth walk.

Here’s another picture from the drum circle:

Toby doing healing at the drum circle