Malidoma SomeToby Christensen: So, I’m here with Malidoma Somé, African Elder and Teacher. Malidoma, we’ve been hearing so much about this 2012 transition; we have all kinds of books being written on it. What are your feelings on this and what do you think is the significance on this time in history, from a tribal point of view and from what you see in the work you’re doing.

Malidoma Somé: Well you know, Toby, it’s not the first time I’ve heard this growing hype about 2012. We’re barely little over a year from there. It reminds of the Y2K. There were all these thoughts and prognostics, these thoughts about what’s going to happen when Y2K breaks in. I feel like the same hype is building up around this 2012 idea, accept that in this case it has a twist to it, because it addresses to psychic, spiritual, and cosmic events. Make take on this is… To continue, please click the video.