“Unlike people in the West, the Dagara believe it is terrible to suppress one’s grief. Only by passionate expression can loss be tamed and assimilated into a form one can live with.” —Malidoma Some’, African Elder

Facing The ChallengeIMG_1204

My father was diagnosed with Emphysema, Congestive Heart Failure and Lung Cancer. As his health deteriorates I find that my emotions bouncing around like a Super Ball in a racquetball court. Psychologists want me to talk about it, empathic friends want me to cry about it, and my macho friends want me to “get over it”.

As I reflect on the teachings of my mentor Malidoma Some` I am reminded of the ritual that has transformed lives like nothing I have seen before, The Grief Ritual, or as I like to call it Healing From Grief Ritual. I remember a woman walking into the ritual event one time,  and she looked like a zombie. Pale skin, absolutely zero expression on her face and no response to the fellow participants. I thought to myself, what could have possibly happened to her?

During the ritual I watched her as she screamed and growled. totally emersing herself in the release of what ever was tormenting her. See freely and totally trusted this indigenous technology to meet her needs. And it did. After 6 hours of grieving, crying, screaming and releasing the energy subsided and we all went to our rooms to sleep for the night.

What I experienced the next morning was remarkable. A woman who slightly resembled the woman from the night before came bounding out of her room with a big smile on her face, an energetic hello and good morning. My mouth dropped open and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the most amazing transformation I had ever seen. It was as though the ritual had given birth to a whole new person! WOW!

She later shared the story of her grief and I was deeply touched by the work she did and the effectiveness of the ritual. =

IMG_0130Experiencing Trauma and Loss

Have you experienced loss or trauma that you just can’t shake off? Are you paralyzed with depression, sadness, or chronic misfortune? Are you ready to feel the warmth of the sun of hope touch your heart?

In this workshop you will learn the process of healthy grieving that will bring you full circle to a place of comfort, strength, and hope.  You will gain the understanding that grieving is a natural process, though often ignored in our modern culture. You will also learn how the expression of grief honors your loss, but more importantly it readies you to release the pain and tension you may be experiencing so you can be restored to peace, hope, and joy. Many who come to these events have given up on the possibility that happiness could ever be experienced.

Healing Through Ritual

Safe, solid, and compassionate environment. Like being in a still and tranquil old growth forest, the ritual space is held in great reverence and respect.  In this ritual you will be safely guided through a process were you can acknowledge, experience, and finally release your sadness and grief. This is done in a community setting so your grief is witnessed and supported.  You will experience a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery creating a sense and perspective far greater and deeper than you can imagine. In this group setting you also experience the compassion and support of community as you move from grief to comfort, strength, hope, and joy.

The Results of This RitualDSC_2691

Like being pulled from a burning building the sense of relief and empowerment are invigorating. The results from this positive experience are freedom from chronic grief and sadness, release from depression and hopelessness, freedom from thoughts and experiences of the past that have kept you imprisoned. Freedom, joy, and hope! The community of support is overwhelming and those you share this experience with often become new and longterm friends.

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