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For the last 20 plus years I have been active in the field of Life Transformation. My clients are people who have tremendous skill, vibrant creative power and many who are, in the eyes of Western culture, very successful. The common factor regardless of their vocation or social status, is that they can’t seem to get where they want to go to have a deep feeling of satisfied desire. They are looking for a shift that will give them a deep feeling of inner peace and accomplishment but just can’t find it!

Getting Unstuck

I know the feeling! If you are like me, you have had some area in your life that is the ONE THING that you can’t seem to get mastery of. No matter what you have tried, you cannot get traction towards your desired outcome! After working with this perplexity for a couple decades and observing the lives of thousands of people I have determined that there are three primary ways change occurs and one that works fast and efficiently (jump to #3 and save time).

The 3 Ways

1- Have something catastrophic happen to you

My friend was constantly complaining about his work, OMG I have so much to do. I feel like I am a prisoner to my work. I just bought a summer home and I can never seem to get out there and when I do get there I am always working, My Ferrari sits in the garage because I can’t take time to go for an enjoyable drive. If I don’t stay on top of things my business will fail and I’ll lose everything!!! After a diagnosis of cancer, he slowed down at work and allowed others to shine, his company did not fail, he took time to enjoy his Ferrari and summer home. He survived the cancer and got a new perspective on life!

IMG_01272- Spend YEARS talking to a therapist

I have spent many years and thousands of dollars on psychotherapy. It was helpful! I am not disrespecting therapy! However, I have had a number of clients who had spent decades in therapy and still struggled with the same issue! They got incremental change over the years. Their therapist helped them through some difficult times there were some big breakthroughs!! In 18-25 years I hope so!!! I have a saying, “What you focus on, you feed!” so if you are focusing on a problem, you are only feeding it and keeping it alive! It feels good to have a cry or cathartic experience!! For Sure! But don’t mistake a cathartic experience for life transformation!

3- Application of Therapeutic Sound!

Here is the gold behind door number 3! I have personally worked with thousands of clients with issues that are limitless! Cancer, AIDS, Chronic Depression, Chronic Pain, Chronic Misfortune! Continual Fucked-upness!! People who just want to feel worth while!! Addictions of all kinds… I can go on and on and on.

Einstein said “A problem cannot be solved with the same energy it was created with.” This is the key to the solution. Without a catastrophic energetic shift, you will not achieve lasting change! I have found that when an energetic shift happens, change happens. The spiral of despair ends and you can look in the mirror and see the the face of satisfied desire!

The application of Therapeutic Sound and Music is the most effective way to induce lasting change!

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