I have a friend that always says, “…It’s ok, I’m a survivor!” They wear it as a badge of power for some reason. To be honest I would never want their life. Struggle, hardship, it just never ends, but they survive. They just get by.
Me, I want to thrive! I want to see how good and wonderful life can be. I want to have a life of excitement and bigness. Mediocrity is of no interest to me. I am a big dreamer and I have no interest in backing off.
“Positive Disruption” is the theme of my coaching work and it is a path that breaks you out of the old grooves that no longer have value and in to new patterns of progress.
MAP: Thriving requires a plan. The MAP is an acronym I picked up from Tony Robbins it stands for Massive Action Plan. To thrive you need to have a plan to take you all the way.
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