Happy Today ~~
I have talked allot about Shift It!
The reason  is because it is one of the best tools for sustaining transformation and I really believe it is a tool everyone should have.
The speed at which a Shift It! Soundtrack creates change is unbelievable! I use it myself.
I was working with a client who had a long history of abuse. She really wanted a Shift It! but said she did not want to spend that much money on “music therapy”.
I asked her how much she had spent on psychotherapy in the past year…$2,100. Then I asked, How is it working for you? She replied, “It’s NOT!”
All of  sudden it seemed like a better idea than before. She had a major breakthrough 2 weeks after receiving her Shift It! Soundtrack and has been a loyal client ever since!
Results are what I’m after, Change your rhythm and change your life!
Here is a video for you:
~~ Toby