Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter are familiar with my updates and tweets about the Djembe Heart Meditation CD I listen to every morning. This is a powerful healing CD inspired by a good friend of mine who carries very strongly the energy of healing through compassion. I find this album soothing and focusing. It’s easy to feel the energy with which the CD was made: sending healing through a heart of compassion out to the world.

Djembe Heart Meditation

Djembe Heart Meditation

As you drum, focus the healing energy of your heart and the compassionate energy of your soul on the people who are suffering in Japan. Realize that the Earth herself is being profoundly affected by the catastrophic occurrence at the nuclear power plants. As we heal the Earth and as we focus on the healing of the people, we become part of the great collective healing energy in the universe that brings peace and healing to all.

I’m not one that likes to focus on tragedy. Instead of subscribing to the fear we all hear on the television news stations, I choose to focus on the tremendous opportunity for healing. There is a lot of work that needs to be done by those of us dedicated to bringing this beautiful energy to the world. I ask you to join me. Join with those who are listening to this CD every day. I know many people who turn it on in the morning and leave it on repeat so that the healing rhythm of the drum is working all day and all night to bring the healing energy to the Earth and the inhabitants of this particular area.

The catastrophe in Japan is an opportunity to unify, a chance to remember the power of the Earth and the respect that we must have as human beings and as inhabitants of this planet. There is a Lakota word that translates roughly to “all my relations.” This means that everything we do affects everyone and everything around us. So as we build our lives, let us remember that we are not the only ones here. Play this album everyday for yourself and for those in the world. I am very pleased to be a part of this and encourage as much participation as possible! Thank you for joining me on this endeavor!

I am donating all of the profit of the sale of the album to helping the relief efforts in Japan. To purchase the healing album Djembe Heart Meditation, please click here.

For those of you who already own the CD and would like to contribute to the relief effort, here is a link that has been checked out thoroughly as a legitimate support. The organization sponsoring this link is not taking any money for administration, so 100% of your donation goes to the relief effort.

Listen here to Djembe Heart Meditation and enjoy!

      1. Djembe Heart Meditation

Remember, 100% of the profits from the sale of the healing album Djembe Heart Meditation will be donated to relief efforts in Japan.