A Time Of Reflection

I have been a professional musician off and on since I was 16 years old. I have played in many bands and done solo work as well. I have never written a song…until this year. I was going through a particularly difficult time, reflecting on many of the decisions I have made in my life. Some IMG_1706have been good and very helpful, others…well….

I realized that most of the time in relationships, when I have been hurt, I simply disconnect, take the blame and leave. Reflecting on a particular relationship of catastrophic loss, I did this. In my reflection I started to own the hurt and look at the situation from another perspective.

Out Popped a Song!

I grabbed a guitar and started playing the chords. Started humming a melody and sat to write the lyrics. The title is “I Don’t Care”

The first time I played it for anyone I was scared to death! I am very critical of my voice and am not at the top of my game with bass and rhythm guitar. I realized that the important lesson is that this is a song of truth that brought great healing to me. If I can face my fears, be transparent and vulnerable perhaps it will help others do the same.

Here it is, my very first song. I play all the instruments except for lead guitar and do the vocals. This great lead guitar work was done by CJ Lambert. CJ was also kind enough to master the song for me at his studio CJL Studios. www.cjlstudios.com

Here you go:

1. I Don't Care     


Here are the lyrics  I Don’t Care – Lyrics