John Dumas on FluteI have been blessed to have a connection to a man of tremendous integrity, inspiration, and enthusiasm: my friend John Dumas. Not only has John been an inspiration to me as I learn to play the flute more proficiently, but I am also in the process of learning how to play the didgeridoo thanks to his encouragement! Boy, that’s sure funny! I have been blessed to experience public performances with John as well as some spontaneous healing events that have occurred at social get-togethers here at the house in Kapaa.

I met John about 10 years ago in Sedona. We made a good connection at an evening event where I drummed and talked a bit about the shamanic work that I do. We didn’t connect again until last year at the Kauai Wellness Expo, even though we have traveled in the same circles and many of our friends know both of us. I am profoundly grateful to have met John! In addition to being an amazing flutist, John can drum like a madman!

Spontaneous Send-Off Ceremony

One event that John and I did together that was entirely spontaneous and on-the-fly was a ceremony to send off a friend back to her home in Japan. I received a call from John asking if we could connect and do some sound healing at a gathering that was forming spontaneouly. Those of you who know me know that I’m pretty good on the fly! So, of course, when it comes to having fun, drumming, and playing music, my answer is almost always, “Yes!”

I headed off to John’s house, where we left and drove deep into the jungle to a beautiful little hideaway where the event was taking place. After driving through the jungle for a time, we ended up in a cavelike structure in the middle of a bamboo forest. It was a beautiful evening as we shifted between drums, didgeridoo, and flute.

It was kind of wild, because the room was very small and crowded. Many unexpected friends were there, so the vibe was very family-oriented. As we started to drum, people began to dance,  and as the dancing elevated in its intensity, the send-off party commenced.The energy of the group continued to build and it was clear that the young lady heading off to Japan was going to miss her island very much.

Energetic Community Celebration

John and Toby JammingTo keep the vibe of the party powerfully etched in her memory, John and I laid her on the floor. As I stood over her and started to drum, John took his didgeridoo and followed the lines of her body, infusing her energy system with the beautiful melodic and rhythmic drone of the didge.

It was definitely a night we will never forget, powerful with community, energy, friendship, and love. And as always, the drum jam continued until our hands were sore and no one could continue to play.

We ended the evening with hugs to the young lady heading back to Japan, trekked out of the jungle, and then made our way home. What a fantastic night!