Ok My goal for 2016 is to have people around the world create 12 new 5 Element Drum Circles.
5 Element drumming is really fun and the best thing about it is that it teaches people how to drum with intention. This is really powerful!
I have been to so many “traffic jam” drumming events where everyone is doing their own thing and no-one is in harmony with another and soon a drum circle train wreck occurs. This SUCKS!
So use the 5 element system to get all your friends on the same track and use the energy of the elemental rhythms to bring positive change into your life and the world for the coming year.
If you would like a DVD/CD combo and cannot afford to buy one, please contact me and I will make sure you have one. With the understanding that you will use it to create your 5 Element drum circle.
Than’s it for now, here you go: