5-Element Drumming with The Healing DrummerWelcome to Toby Christensen’s Free Mini-Course on 5-Element Drumming

While Toby offers a full DVD course on this topic, along with a companion CD, he wants to make sure everyone has free access to the core principles of the five element rhythms.

Even if you don’t yet own a drum, you can still benefit by watching these videos. If you do have a drum available, we hope you grab it and fully participate by drumming along.

First, some background you’ll find to be useful:

The five elements are from the West African Dagara tribe, who live in Southern Burkina Faso and Northern Ghana. They are a tribe who has been free from the influences of the Western world, and until recently, have experienced very little modernity. Part of their powerful cosmology is their connection to the earth. They have a system of life and healing that is based on five particular elements. By “living the elements” in their balanced condition, we can live a life of connection to spirit, good health, prosperity, and well being.

5-Element Drumming is comprised of these five elements:

  1. Earth
  2. Mineral
  3. Nature
  4. Water
  5. Fire

We hope you enjoy each 5-Element Drumming video.

Week 1

The first week of this five-week mini-course includes two parts:

  1. Overview & Demonstration of Each Rhythm
  2. The Rhythm of Earth

Overview & Demonstration of Each Rhythm

The Rhythm of Earth

Earth is the element of nurturing, abundance, welcoming and home.

The Earth rhythm that has two aspects:

  1. A heartbeat type rhythm
  2. Two simple tones

Putting these two together creates an energy of receiving and giving

Enjoy the video and have fun with the rhythm. ~~ Toby Christensen

Next Week

We hope you enjoyed your first lesson in this five-week mini-course.

Next week you will receive via email “5-Element Drumming Course – Week 2 – The Rhythm of Mineral”.

If you have any kind of drum available, we encourage you to practice The Rhythm of Earth.

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