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Reclaim Your Power Now

Do you struggle with depression? Have chronic pain, chronic misfortune, chronic feeling fucked up? If you do, you are like many who are becoming aware that there is more to life than struggle and hardship. More than pain and suffering and more than one disappointment after another. There is a path that is available where [...]

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What To Do When You Are Overwhelmed

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? I do sometimes, and I have been thinking allot about it. Why do I get that feeling? What triggers it? What can I do when it happens? These are some questions I've been asking myself lately. One particular time I felt overwhelmed was when I wanted to learn the song [...]

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The Rhythm of Water – Healing and Reconciliation

Do you need healing today? Have you ever felt like you are stuck and or frozen in a situation that seems to have no solution? Have you felt the weight of an obstacle crushing down upon you? Or felt like something is so broken it can never be mended?   The element of Water is here to bring [...]

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The Rhythm of Nature – Magic and Transformation

I trust you are having an awesome day! This is the third in a series of five videos on the 5 Elements. This series focuses on the power of the drum and the rhythms that represent each of the elements. Listen to the rhythms in the videos and let your mind and body absorb them. [...]

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Magic Happens – Think Magic

Happy Today ~~ Here is a piece about how our frame of mind can alter our ability to experience magic! How limited is your thinking? Can the mind really be "over matter"? "I am here to testify..."as the Rev. would say, that magic is alive and well. This is another  video about a real occurrence that [...]

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Magic Happens – The Magic Camera

Happy Today! ~~ Today rekindle the magic in your life! Many of us as kids saw magicians and illusionists and really believed in magic. As we got older we were made aware of the trickery behind the "magic" and our belief in the real thing evaporated. "I am here to testify..."as the Rev. would say, that [...]

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Being The Best You Part V – Nature

I hope you are having an awesome day! In my book "Africa to America" I go into depth about the 5 Element system from West Africa that over the years has really helped me understand people better. The element of Nature is about magic and transformation. It is the element that is connected to our [...]

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