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Improvise, Adapt And Overcome

Have an awesome day today! ~~ These are the three most powerful words that will lead you to success in anything: Improvise - Adapt - Overcome Things rarely unfold the way we plan, so it is important to be able to implement the above words. To Improvise is to work with what is immediately available to [...]

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Music Makes The SHIFT

Music Does Matter! Years ago I started making custom soundtracks called Shift It! These are soundtracks that help to shift your energy from where you are to where you want to be. I have helped people overcome addiction, depression, fear of flying, ADD, chronic fatigue and many other conditions. If you are ready for a [...]

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Tap Into Your Unlimited Potential

How are you doing today? Click on comment and let me know. I am truly interested. Today I want to talk to you about tapping your unlimited potential. Sound like fun? Our brains are amazing and the way the brain responds to sound blows my mind. A few years ago I met a man who [...]

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What Does Your Reflection Look Like

Happy Thursday ~~ Have you ever thought that what you think of other people is actually a reflection of yourself? I had a therapist that I totally fell for. When I told her how amazing she was, she looked at me and said: "Clearly there are some wonderful things about yourself that you are projecting onto me, [...]

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What Do You Give To Those You Interact With

When you are in a conversation, or interacting with people do you ever think about what you want to leave with them? Sometimes when I am with people, I feel like I am getting the life sucked out of me. All they seem to want to do is take take and take some more. I'm [...]

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How To Eradicate Vampires

What you focus on you feed, this is true. However, denial can be very dangerous as well. One of the issues I deal with myself, my clients and students is the balance of being focused on your desired outcome and then also being in touch with the things that are problematic in life. This video [...]

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