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Earth Ritual for Connecting with the Great Nurturing Mother

I enjoy sharing these rituals based on the wisdom of the 5 elements of healing. This particular ritual is derived from the healing powers of the element of Earth. The Powerful Energy of the Earth Earth represents the energy of nurturing, abundance, welcoming, and home. It is the energy of the great nurturing mother. I [...]

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The Power of Transformation: Ritual to Connect with Your True Nature

This ritual is about connecting to the energy of nature. Nature in the West African cosmology is about the power of magic and transformation. In our culture, we are taught to wear masks to prevent others from seeing who we really are for fear that we may not be accepted. The closer we can get [...]

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Find Your Tempo & Express Your Gratitude with “Celebration Dance”

The final track on my sound healing album, Tribal Medicine, is “Celebration Dance.” The album features different healing energies with each track, and this one is one of which I’ve been getting a lot of positive reviews. The intention behind Tribal Medicine was to offer listeners an opportunity to heal their hearts and souls through [...]

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Ritual and Renewal: Creating an Earth Shrine

Earth represents the energy of nurturing, abundance, welcoming, and home. As we create a place of welcoming and home, we find our power. As we allow abundance to come into our lives, we attract all of the things we desire: community, support, financial prosperity, good health, and well-being! A ritual I want to share with [...]

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