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The Rhythm of Mineral – Change Your Story

I trust you are having an awesome day! This is the second in a series of videos on the 5 Elements. This series focuses on the power of the drum and the rhythms that represent each of the elements. Mineral is about communication and stories. The Dagara people who created this cosmology do not have [...]

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“What Zombies Taught Me About Sound Therapy”

  How's your week going? Great, I hope! As I work with many different people around the globe, one question often comes up: "Toby, how on Earth did you get started?" So, I decided to create a short video and my answer might surprise you. https://youtu.be/eBdK7wzlcOM  

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Healing for the Earth Through the Drum

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter are familiar with my updates and tweets about the Djembe Heart Meditation CD I listen to every morning. This is a powerful healing CD inspired by a good friend of mine who carries very strongly the energy of healing through compassion. I find this album [...]

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