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The Rhythm of Water – Healing and Reconciliation

Do you need healing today? Have you ever felt like you are stuck and or frozen in a situation that seems to have no solution? Have you felt the weight of an obstacle crushing down upon you? Or felt like something is so broken it can never be mended?   The element of Water is here to bring [...]

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Renewing Water Ritual to Clear The Obstacles From Your Life

As the year comes closer to an end, we want to be clear of the obstacles and energies that have held us back for too long. This particular ritual focuses on the obstacle-removing power of water. Facing Your Obstacles To begin this ritual, find your way to moving water. This can be a river, stream, [...]

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Ritual and Renewal: The Element of Water

In the song “Rock Star” by Nickelback, there are a couple of lines that hit home with some things I’ve heard from others and, quite frankly, some things I feel from time to time. The song is about a guy who wants to change his life but feels it's too late, so he's asking for [...]

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