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Tap Into Your Unlimited Potential 2 of 5

Hello and welcome to an amazing day. This blog is about the merge between indigenous and modern technology Science is catching up to the old ways. After meeting the founder of Wujitech and working with him with the healing drumming we decided to merge our areas of interest an measure the brainwaves that are enhanced [...]

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What Do You Give To Those You Interact With

When you are in a conversation, or interacting with people do you ever think about what you want to leave with them? Sometimes when I am with people, I feel like I am getting the life sucked out of me. All they seem to want to do is take take and take some more. I'm [...]

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How To Eradicate Vampires

What you focus on you feed, this is true. However, denial can be very dangerous as well. One of the issues I deal with myself, my clients and students is the balance of being focused on your desired outcome and then also being in touch with the things that are problematic in life. This video [...]

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What Keeps Magic From Happening?

I had a great question come in from a HealingDrummer enthusiast from the DC area. "What keeps magic from happening? I need more magic in my life!" She recently made a huge effort to fight the traffic and crowds to see Pope Francis. She waited for hours on a crowded sidewalk with tens of thousands of people and guess [...]

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Magic Happens – Think Magic

Happy Today ~~ Here is a piece about how our frame of mind can alter our ability to experience magic! How limited is your thinking? Can the mind really be "over matter"? "I am here to testify..."as the Rev. would say, that magic is alive and well. This is another  video about a real occurrence that [...]

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Magic Happens – The Magic Camera

Happy Today! ~~ Today rekindle the magic in your life! Many of us as kids saw magicians and illusionists and really believed in magic. As we got older we were made aware of the trickery behind the "magic" and our belief in the real thing evaporated. "I am here to testify..."as the Rev. would say, that [...]

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