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Shift It! Custom Healing CD Created for You by The Healing Drummer

According to Toby, everything in your life is an expression of the energy you carry. If you shift that energy, you will shift the situation. Have Toby Christensen, The Healing Drummer, create for you your own custom healing CD! As a new offering from healingdrummer.com, Toby has created “Shift It!”: a unique healing session intended [...]

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Webmaster Kirk VandenBerghe Shines His Light

I am so excited to feature in this month's "shining your light" video feature Kirk VandenBerghe. Kirk is my webmaster and the creator of HealingDrummer.com, CowrieShellReadings.com, and TobyChristensen.com. Through his web design company, PositiveProjections.com, Kirk helps people bridge the gap between their skills and gifts and the use of technology to promote these skills and [...]

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Toby Christensen Speaks on Intentional Drumming – Part III

Intention and Sound Energy Hi, this is healingdrummer Toby Christensen. Intentional drumming part three is about Magic and Transformation. The power of this rhythm helps to transform aspects of our lives outside of laborious process and traumatization.  The idea is that we let the sound energy of the drum shift the patterns of energy that [...]

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Toby Christensen Speaks on Intentional Drumming

Intentional Drumming Hi, this is Healingdrummer Toby Christensen and in this post I would like to talk to you about intentional drumming. One of the things that I've experienced as I've traveled around, particularly lately, is that there are a lot of amazing drum circles forming throughout the country. People drumming for peace, healing, community [...]

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