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Malidoma Somé on Fun & Laughter in Ritual Work

Many of you know that I have done extensive training with Malidoma Somé and in my work with him have learned a lot about creating a space of fun and welcoming for the ancestors. When we do ritual, it's usually in a very festive atmosphere. Good beverages, oftentimes a cigar, and always drumming! I recently [...]

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Healing Rhythms: “Call of the Ancestors” Energetic and Spiritual

I’ve recently released a new album called Tribal Medicine. This CD features healing rhythms that are intended to restore listeners’ hearts and souls as the sensations of the healing drum infuses the body. Tribal Medicine offers inspiration through tribal connections. I’ve been told over and over again that while experiencing the album, a sensation of [...]

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Mineral Ritual: Rewrite Your Life Story

Mineral is about communication; it's about the stories that we live, that we think about, and that we speak about. Mineral is about connecting to your life's purpose and communicating that purpose in the world. This mineral ritual is powerful. Not only have I used it several times, but I've witnessed its efficacy in others. [...]

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Toby Interviews Malidoma Somé on 2012

Toby Christensen: So, I'm here with Malidoma Somé, African Elder and Teacher. Malidoma, we've been hearing so much about this 2012 transition; we have all kinds of books being written on it. What are your feelings on this and what do you think is the significance on this time in history, from a tribal point [...]

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