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Transformative Ritual: Manifest Your Intentions

It is a time to rid ourselves of the stories in our lives that we have held, sometimes unintentionally, that have created negative patterns that are holding us back from stepping in to our most profound destiny. The mineral element is also about communication and learning new ways to communicate with our fellow humans, as [...]

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Open Your Life to a New Story Using a Mineral Ritual

This rejuvenating ritual is based on mineral. Mineral represents communication: how can our purpose be communicated within ourselves to to the rest of the world? Each of us has and lives a story. Some of us feel this story is out of sync with who we really are. This mineral ritual can benefit us in [...]

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Webmaster Kirk VandenBerghe Shines His Light

I am so excited to feature in this month's "shining your light" video feature Kirk VandenBerghe. Kirk is my webmaster and the creator of,, and Through his web design company,, Kirk helps people bridge the gap between their skills and gifts and the use of technology to promote these skills and [...]

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Mineral Ritual: Rewrite Your Life Story

Mineral is about communication; it's about the stories that we live, that we think about, and that we speak about. Mineral is about connecting to your life's purpose and communicating that purpose in the world. This mineral ritual is powerful. Not only have I used it several times, but I've witnessed its efficacy in others. [...]

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