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The Day I Said “NO”

Good Day! How are you doing? Click on the comment area below and let me know! Sometimes opportunities come that we don't understand. This video is about how I turned down one of the most important important tools of my work. Sometimes things present themselves and we underestimate their potential. Before you day no... https://youtu.be/yueNEUnPOo4

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January 16, 2016 Grief Ritual – Fredericksburg Virginia

Healing From Grief: The Ritual Of Release and Restoration “Unlike people in the West, the Dagara believe it is terrible to suppress one’s grief. Only by passionate expression can loss be tamed and assimilated into a form one can live with.” —Malidoma Some’, African Elder https://youtu.be/_Eqk7GF7Kd0 Overview: Have you experienced loss or trauma that you just [...]

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The Rhythm of Fire – Inspiration

Time to get Fired up on this awesome day! Do you ever have times when it feels as though you have lost your way? Times when you don't know which way to turn and if you did know, you don't have the energy or motivation to try? Fire is the element that is about inspiration, [...]

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The Rhythm of Nature – Magic and Transformation

I trust you are having an awesome day! This is the third in a series of five videos on the 5 Elements. This series focuses on the power of the drum and the rhythms that represent each of the elements. Listen to the rhythms in the videos and let your mind and body absorb them. [...]

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Magic Happens – The Magic Camera

Happy Today! ~~ Today rekindle the magic in your life! Many of us as kids saw magicians and illusionists and really believed in magic. As we got older we were made aware of the trickery behind the "magic" and our belief in the real thing evaporated. "I am here to testify..."as the Rev. would say, that [...]

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Spontaneously Uniting Over the Rhythm of the Drum

Some of the time here on the island of Kauai spontaneous occurrences present themselves. One night, my friend Terry Kingen was visiting me with his daughter, Tori, and she spotted my drums lined up along the wall. Being very curious about this, she asked to hear what they sounded like. What came from that was [...]

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The Healing Drummer: Toby Christensen Discusses Drum Healing

The director of KinderWorld Tracks, Nechama Robinson, spoke recently with Toby about his life and healing gifts. The following is the first in a three-part excerpt from this interview. Says Nechama, “If ever an interview has taken me places I did not expect, it was this one with Toby Christensen, Healing Drummer. From corporate events [...]

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Homecoming LP Now Available

I am pleased to present Homecoming, a celebration of dance and joy. Inspiration for my LP Homecoming came following a reunion with my dear friend and brother Malidoma Somé. We spent many years separated from one another, walking our separate paths. Our reconnection after all that time sparked great joy in my life, rekindling an energy [...]

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