World Groove by Toby ChristensenWorld Groove Audio Download

Toby, here. World Groove was birthed with the intention to unify the world around music. Through the beat of the drum and the beat of our hearts, we can gain understanding and promote peace throughout the world.

What I like to share with others is, “Let us focus so completely on our similarities, that we have no time to fight about our differences.” With this in mind, I bring you World Groove.

Gather your friends! Gather your family! Create communities of people who are unified in love, peace, and rhythm. Dance together, sing together, live together, love together! Bring understanding to the world!

Blessings to all!

Click below for sample sound clips:

      1. Attention

      2. Celtic Scramble

      3. Feels Good

      4. Home Coming

      5. I Don't Know

      6. It Started Here

      7. Pick It Up

      8. Shift It

      9. Sensual

      10. Tropical Nectar

      11. World Groove

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