Tribal Medicine by Toby Christensen & Rebecca HoltAsk For The Healing You Desire

Tribal medicine is your invitation to open your heart and ask for the healing you desire as you feel the sensations of the healing drum infuse your body!

A beautiful collaboration. Tribal Medicine features Healing Drummer Toby Christensen on djembe drum and percussion and Rebecca Holt on vocal toning.

This inspirational audio download is a gift of grassroots inspiration and tribal connections. While listening, you will have the sensation of being present at an ancient indigenous ceremony, experiencing the wisdom of African, Native American, and Eastern shamanic healing traditions.

We invite you to engage your body, mind, and soul with the powerful rhythms of Tribal Medicine. Enjoy!

Click below for sample sound clips:

      1. Call of the Ancestors

      2. Celebration Dance

      3. Sacred Chant

      4. The One

      5. Celebration Dance

After a quick download, you’ll also enjoy immediate access to your Tribal Medicine Audio Download.

Price: $9.99