Toby Christensen & John DumasFeel what it’s like to be in a live recording session with Toby and John.

One of the best things about playing music is collaborating with other “Like Minded” musicians. One of my favorites is John Dumas. John understands the power of music and plays with passion and skill. He is a world class didgeridoo player and an amazing flutist as well.

On one of my visits to Kauai, John and I got together and spent a few days in the Kahuna Valley making music. It was so much FUN!

This album contains the tracks we recorded. I left in the “talking and laughing background noise” so you can get a feel of what it is like to be in a recording session with us. Enjoy!

John Dumas & Toby Christensen

Click below for sample sound clips:

      1. Funky Live Fun

      2. Laid-Back and Smooth

      3. Into Magic

      4. Sailing East

      5. Downunder Didg and Thunder

      6. Just Having Fun Live

      7. Just Having Fun Live-Take II

      8. Just Having Fun Live-Take III

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