Djembe - Consecrated Healing DrumOptimum Healing Energies

Each of these drums is created specifically for the recipient and used in a ceremony designed to provide the user with the optimum healing energies.

Toby starts with one of the exquisite, handmade Ivory Coast Drums. He then works with the caregiver’s energy to determine which of the 5 Elements are necessary to create the energy to support their work. Next, he evaluates the healing objects including how many crystals and the type and configuration of the Cowry shells that will best expand the specific healing energy.

Toby constructs each drum in sacred space, he then plays each drum imbuing it with the healing 5 Elements rhythms. The drum is then placed on a powerful healing altar centered in a Lemurian Crystal Healing Grid for 48-hours prior to being carefully packed and shipped to the new caretaker.

These special drums require a minimum of 72 hours to construct and consecrate prior to being shipped.

Price includes free shipping to the 48 contiguous states in the continental U.S. Please contact us for a shipping quote to other locations.

Price: $799.00