Africa to America by Toby ChristensenToby’s Shamanic Book: Africa to America – PDF Download

Toby Christensen, here. This book is a distillation of more than twenty years of study with Malidoma Somé, a western-educated tribal leader, and with the Dagara people of Burkina Faso, West Africa. It’s been my privilege to work with Malidoma since 1991. This ancient cosmology has been helping the people of West Africa live in harmony with each other and the world around them.

People who have studied with Malidoma and me have been asking for a simple condensation of the cosmology and an understandable way of applying it to western culture. I have done my best to accommodate these requests.

The Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral and Nature are in us and around us. The energy carried by each of these elements can influence and enhance our lives if we learn how to utilize this energy in helpful ways. This book is written to help you understand these elements and learn practical ways of applying this cosmology to your life so you can better understand yourself and those around you.

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