5 Element Drumming – Rhythms For Transformation Workshop
5-Element Drumming Workshop with The Healing Drummer

This is one of funnest and most rewarding days you will have in your life!

Toby Christensen’s 5 Element Drumming has been developed through years of study with tribal leaders and elders from the Dagara tribe of West Africa. Since 1991 Toby has worked with Dagara Elder Malidoma Some` in translating tribal wisdom and tradition into Western language so people in the West can receive the healing wisdom of Africa. This workshop is life changing.

No Experience Necessary for this workshop!

Toby has translated the challenging polyrhythms of traditional African drumming to an easy to learn series of rhythms that help you:

  • Enhance Motivation
  • Increase Clarity
  • Help you find Purpose
  • Find Peace
  • Experience Nurturing
  • Transform your life

Drumming is the language of the soul. This non-verbal communication decodes the confusion of our minds and speaks directly to your heart, bringing transformation to your life on many levels.

Being in harmony with the elements through drumming puts you in harmony with yourself, your community, family and the world.

Based on a 5 Element system comprised of Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral and Nature this age old system brings balance, healing and transformation. Each rhythm calls to the energy of each element to enhance your quality of life and connection to those you drum with. This workshop is fun, entertaining and will enrich your life.

You will learn:

  • Proper hand techniques for drumming
  • Each of the 5 element rhythms
  • The energy and meaning of each rhythm
  • How to use drumming for stress relief
  • Drumming for meditation
  • Drumming to support community
  • Drumming for peace

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Workshop Duration: 1 Day – 10am to 5pm

Cost Per Participant: $175

Sound Therapy Certification Training

Toby Christensen's Healing Drummer Workshop

“Where the Soundship goes, everybody goes.  To forget how to drum is to forget how to feel.” —Malidoma Some’, African Elder

Your job got you down?

Ready for a career with purpose, fulfillment, and fun?

Join Toby for this dynamic personal training where you will learn the fundamentals of 5 Element Sound Therapy.

In this training you will learn how to incorporate different sound instruments into your life, helping you to provide immediate and permanent balance and realignment to all systems of the body for you and your clients. There will be skill development, assessment protocol, and intention setting practices along with other teachings to get you ready for a new vocation!

You will learn at least 2 techniques for each of the Five Element Sound Therapy tools:

  • Hand drums
  • Native hoop drum
  • Tuning forks
  • Rattles
  • Singing Bowls
  •  Voice

You will also develop skills in:

  • Information gathering,
  • Diagnostic techniques, and
  • Intention setting
  • Treatment protocol
  • Effectively and systematically applying the techniques acquired

Upon completion of this course, you will have a fully established protocol and appropriate knowledge of 5 Element Sound Therapy to begin a basic practice as a Sound-Therapy Practitioner.

To learn more about sound healing and the way the drum can be used, click here to order your 5 Element Drumming Streaming Video and Audio combo and learn the 5 Element system in advance!

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This offering is a one on one training for 2 days followed by 4 virtual coaching sessions

Training Duration: 2 Days – 10am – 5pm day 1/10am – 2pm day 2. Virtual sessions can be scheduled based on need.

Cost Of Training – $1,249


Fundamentals Of ShamanismHealing Drummer Shamanic Training Workshop

“What’s really important about shamanism is that there is another reality that you can personally discover…we are not alone.” — Michael Harner

“Core Fundamentals Of Shamanism” is a weekend of :

  • Shamanic journey – For clarity and guidance
  • Learning to walk with power and protection – Keeps you free from energy vampirism, spells, and curses
  • Developing methods of self-motivation – Keeps you focused and moving in the right direction
  • Energy maintenance – So you can sustain 100% all the time
  • Building your personal power – Helps you live with grace and confidence

According to the world famous anthropologist Michael Harner “The power of the shaman is in direct proportion to the relationships they build in the spirit world”. In our two days together you will learn the skill of safely establishing and enhancing these relationships.

These tools are very helpful for anyone, especially if you are a healing practitioner. They will help you stay strong, healthy and prevent energy vampirism and attachments from energies and entities looking for a place to land.  As you learn to maneuver in the world of the shaman your light gets brighter and the distractions of the ordinary world affect you less and less.

Learning these skills can be a game changer to boost your confidence, amp up the efficacy of your work and the quality of your life.

Because of the intimate nature of this work I keep these workshops small. So please contact me to see if you are a match for the program. You can click the Contact Toby link below.

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Workshop Duration: 2 Days – – 10am – 5pm day 1/10am – 2pm day 2

Course fee: $395


Healing From Grief: The Ritual Of Release and Restoration

Toby Christensen's LP Homecoming and workshop

“Unlike people in the West, the Dagara believe it is terrible to suppress one’s grief. Only by passionate expression can loss be tamed and assimilated into a form one can live with.” —Malidoma Some’, African Elder

Have you experienced loss or trauma that you just can’t shake off?

Are you paralyzed with depression, sadness, or chronic misfortune?

Do you find yourself in a sea of despair with no hope in sight?


In this workshop you will learn the process of healthy grieving that will bring you full circle to a place of:

  • Comfort
  • Strength
  • Hope
  • Joy
  • Fearlessness

You will gain the understanding that grieving is a natural process, though often ignored in our modern culture. You will also learn how the expression of grief honors your loss, but more importantly it readies you to release the pain and tension you may be experiencing so you can be restored to peace, hope, and joy

I will guide you through a process were you can acknowledge, experience, and finally release your sadness and grief.

This event is an experience, a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery creating a sense and perspective far greater and deeper than what you had before.

In this group setting you also experience the compassion and support of community as you move from grief to comfort, strength, hope, and joy.

The results from this positive experience are freedom from chronic grief and sadness, release from depression and hopelessness, freedom from thoughts and experiences of the past that have kept you imprisoned. Freedom, joy, and hope!

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Workshop and Session Cancellation Policy

Individual Registrants

We rely on an accurate attendance count to make important arrangements for our workshops. If an attendee needs to withdraw from a workshop, they must inform us in writing via email or fax no later than 30 days prior to the first day of the scheduled workshop. The Healingdrummer.com will confirm the receipt of the cancellation within three business days.

Toby with a Group of People at workshopFor any cancellations that are made more than 30 days prior the workshop, you will be charged a non-refundable administrative fee of $100.

Cancellation requests made between 7 and 30 days prior to the start of the workshop will be charged a minimum of 50% of the original workshop fee.

No refunds will be available for cancellations within one week of the workshop. Please take this into account when you sign up for a workshop.

Workshop registration is transferable to another individual should you choose to withdraw.

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any workshop for any reason, including canceling a workshop that does not meet minimum registration requirements or canceling a workshop due to inclement weather.  If we cancel a workshop, paid registrants will be given full refunds.  Rescheduled workshop information will be posted on www.healingdrummer.com.

Individual Sessions

Notice of cancelation of an individual session must be given in writing or email 48 hours before the scheduled time. A full refund will be issued upon receiving proper cancelation notification.